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B-Movies in the '90s and Beyond (Softcover Book)

29.99 USD19.99 USD
B-Movies in the '90s and Beyond (Softcover Book)
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B-Movies in the '90s and Beyond (Softcover Book)

29.99 USD19.99 USD
An autobiographical chronicle on the making of director J.R. Bookwalter’s first 10 movies, from the promising highs of freshman Super-8mm debut The Dead Next Door in 1985 to the embarrassing lows of the shot-on-video Humanoids from Atlantis in 1992, and everything in-between. In true independent fashion, Bookwalter paints a humbling, honest portrayal of what it was like to produce and market no-budget movies during a challenging time for the home video business, reflecting on early partnerships with Sam Raimi (Spider-Man, The Evil Dead) and David DeCoteau (Puppet Master III, Creepozoids). Now completely revised with all-new content, additional never-before-seen photos, artwork, and more!

Written by J.R. BOOKWALTER
(The Dead Next Door, Witchouse 2: Blood Coven)

with introduction by David DeCoteau
(Puppet Master III, Creepozoids)
and foreward by Zanesville Times-Recorder
film critic Thomas Brown

1992/2018 • 214 pages • Entertainment / Autobiography
Full-Color Softcover with B&W interior
Published by Tempe Press
Catalog Number: TP-040 • ISBN 978-1-387-65631-8

"Bookwalter is an excellent storyteller and holds nothing back in this warts-and-all diary of sorts that chronicles both his greatest successes and most embarrassing failures with a balanced hand, checking his ego at the door. He is the first to admit mistakes made both on-set and in his personal life, but knows this knowledge will be beneficial to readers so he humbly shares the info, good and bad."
- HorrorTalk.com