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Witchouse 2: Blood Coven (Lunar Edition DVD)

14.99 USD
Witchouse 2: Blood Coven (Lunar Edition DVD)
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Witchouse 2: Blood Coven (Lunar Edition DVD)

14.99 USD

A supposedly-haunted old house in Covington County is being plowed over to make way for a new shopping mall when four unmarked graves are unearthed. A professor (Ariauna Albright) and her students are called in from the nearby university to find out whose bodies they are — but no one in this creepy little burg is very willing to help, from the no-nonsense sheriff to the local mortician to the creepy town historian (Andrew Prine) who knows more than he's telling. One by one, Lilith and her coven return to resurrect a centuries-old plague and wreak their vengeance on anyone who stands in their way...or is someone else trying to cover up the town's dark secrets, murdering everyone who stands in their way?

82 mins. • Color • 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround • Cat. No. 8072
Distributed by Full Moon Pictures • Released September 26th, 2000

• Widescreen 16:9-enhanced transfer (1.85:1 aspect ratio)
• Dolby Digital 5.1 surround mix (a Full Moon first!)
• Extended director's cut version (79 mins.)
• Feature commentary by director J.R. Bookwalter, stars Andrew Prine & Ariauna Albright and supervising sound editor Chris M. Jacobson
• "Disspelling Illusions: The Making of WITCHOUSE 2" (29 mins.)
• Tempe/Full Moon trailer reel with optional commentary by director J.R. Bookwalter, actress Ariauna Albright and Tempe pal Jeffrey "Spud" Scaduto. Trailers include: THE DEAD NEXT DOOR, SKINNED ALIVE, OZONE, POLYMORPH, BLOODLETTING, SHRIEKER, CURSE OF THE PUPPETMASTER, FILMONSTERS!, TALISMAN, WITCHOUSE preview teaser, WITCHOUSE, WITCHOUSE 2: BLOOD COVEN (22 mins.)
• Bios & filmographies of director J.R. Bookwalter and stars Andrew Prine and Ariauna Albright
• Bloopers & outtakes reel (12 mins.)
• "Bucharest or Bust!", a tour of Romania with director J.R. Bookwalter and actress Ariauna Albright (30 mins.)
• "Start It Over" music video by 7 Months (6 mins.)
• "Nothingland" music video by SFB (4 mins.)
• "THE DEAD NEXT DOOR: 15 Years in 15 Minutes" promotional featurette (16 mins.)
• Introduction by director J.R. Bookwalter (2 mins.)
• Behind-the-scenes preview (2 mins.)
• DVD-ROM extras include still gallery and original screenplay
• Current Full Moon Pictures trailers

"BLOOD COVEN is a wild, kinetic ride, teeming with memorable characters (the wonderful cast, especially Ariauna Albright and Andrew Prine, are more than capable of bringing Douglas Snauffer's streamlined script to life), awe-inspiring visuals and no small amount of humor. Bookwalter's rock-solid direction and Gabriel Kosuth's stunning cinematography are the real stars of the picture. One look at the silver foil-enhanced cover emblazoning the disc's transparent keepcase, a design modification analogous to what Apple did with the iMac, is evidence enough that this release is something special...a magnificent anamorphic transfer, more colorful and detailed than anything Full Moon has yet to release. In addition to the jaw-dropping visuals, COVEN sports a blistering Dolby 5.1 soundtrack (Full Moon's first!) that, in taking full advantage of the expanded channels, surrounds the viewer with channel-specific ambient effects, swirling atmospherics, and a gut-pounding reprise of Jared DePasquale's effective score from the first film. If Full Moon continue to deliver product along the lines of their astonishing Lunar Edition of BLOOD COVEN, their future looks very bright, indeed." - DVD Unleashed

"I'm happy to say that WITCHOUSE 2 kicks it predecessor's ass...it's got more style, some very cool BLAIR WITCH-inspired sequences (one of which is pretty scary), and B-movie veteran Andrew Prine in a wonderful supporting role. Under hands less skilled than those of director/editor J.R. Bookwalter, WITCHOUSE 2: BLOOD COVEN might have been just another cheesy direct-to-video horror movie destined to be overlooked on videostore shelves. Well, it is a bit cheesy, but with J.R. Bookwalter at the helm, it's more stylish and entertaining than you’d expect...his technical virtuosity is on full display here. In the latter half — once Lilith and her demonic minions start to wreak havoc — Bookwalter's talent really starts to shine. Working with director of photography Gabriel Kosuth, Bookwalter gives the film a slick and beautifully atmospheric look...there's a camcorder-shot sequence near the end that was so suspenseful and creepy that I experienced the BLAIR WITCH déjà vu all over again. There's even a brutal little twist at the end of that packs a mean punch. - Flipside Movie Emporium

"J.R. Bookwalter's latest effort is made extremely palatable thanks to his steady hand as a director and superb skills as an editor...Bookwalter infuses such an immense sense of style on the proceedings that he is able to add life where there seems to be very little. There is no doubt in my mind that he is an enormous talent whose time has definitely come. WITCHOUSE 2 marks his triumphant return to using film stock and the change is dramatic. As a subtle in-joke though, the film opens using video footage, although the scene more closely resembles a parody of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (and ends with a far more satisfying chill). Thankfully, the script never submits to parodying actual events from BLAIR WITCH (which so many other filmmakers have) and that's where the footage really works." - The Jacksonville Film Journal

"BLOOD COVEN is surprisingly resourceful for a sequel, with a few ideas and twists that might actually keep you interested...the offbeat pacing makes up for what would have been a dry and used-up script. if you are a fan, then you're gonna go nuts for Full Moon's new Lunar Edition series, perhaps rivalling only Troma for sheer dedication to what DVD collectors really want...their dedication to the fans is exemplary." - Aaron Lupton, Rue Morgue Magazine

"I have to mention the look of this film — it's fabulous. The Romanian crew and director of photography did a great job of giving us cool angles, spooky lighting, cobwebbed old mansions and even a creepy morgue. This whole atmosphere really gave the movie a leg up on some of the other Full Moon stuff I've seen...the makeup effects were cool, especially the glowing-eyed demons. The music was also used really well to accent the story and the editing was great — lots of cuts to keep long conversation scenes interesting and very smooth on the action sequences...many notches above what a lot of the Full Moon releases tend to be..." - Dr. Squid #10

"The tried and true conceit of horror movies is that a group of people come together, are presented with unknown evil and then are picked off one by one. The same holds true here, but there are actually a couple cards up the filmmakers' sleeves and I found those to be rather satisfying. The movie is called WITCHOUSE 2, but has nothing to do with the first...Ariauna Albright is given a chance to do something other than skulk about in dense make-up being evil and really goes to town with the allowed freedom. Her transformation from retiring teacher to bitch-queen is the kind of role actresses seldom get on any side of the film-financial divide. Andrew Prine, in what almost necessarily must become a franchise character role, rips it up as Angus, a man who is not what he appears to be..." - Film-411.com

"BLOOD COVEN is actually a fine effort in the straight-to-video pantheon of low-end horror films. Directed by J.R. Bookwalter, a filmmaker who's no stranger to the form, the film takes a leap beyond the usual pratfalls of low budget movie making. BLOOD COVEN could have been just another sequel to yet another forgettable scare-fest, but in fact it's a pretty stylish outing that also manages to provide enough twists and turns to keep things interesting. The climactic sequence in a haunted house, with three characters running around in the dark freaking out from the ghostly sounds of the place, is quite effectively chilling while presented on video...as for the DVD itself, if this is any indication of the quality of the Lunar Edition titles then Full Moon is to be commended." - Mothership

"WITCHOUSE: BLOOD COVEN is Bookwalter’s most polished and atmospheric movie yet, and the 1.75:1 transfer has a slick image that, despite the emphasis on mist and backlighting, bears little artifacting or grain. It’s also the first Full Moon DVD with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, which helps the film belie its budget. Bookwalter, stars Ariauna Albright and Andrew Prine and sound designer Chris Jacobson contribute consistently enthusiastic commentary." - FANGORIA 2000

"While WITCHOUSE 2 covers the same 'kids in the castle' ground that has plagued many of the Full Moon films these last few years, it is still levels above recent Full Moon efforts such as SHRIEKER or TALISMAN, two films lacking in both the plot and style departments. Bookwalter moves the story along at a brisk pace. He also seems to like mixing techniques, switching back and forth between a traditional narrative filmmaking style to the faux cinema verité style popular in recent films. It looks as if J.R. Bookwalter will have a long career ahead of him directing features. He was once at the forefront of micro-budget productions and now looks like he’s ready to bring a new level of quality to Full Moon Pictures." - B-Independent

"I had not seen the first film in the series but being that it was a Full Moon movie I thought I knew what to expect — cheap scares, a weak story, bad acting and low production value. Fortunately J.R. Bookwalter churned out what is one of the better Full Moon films I have seen. He managed to turn around what could have been a hackneyed sequel into a very cool yet stylish thriller. From the first few minutes of the film that are shot in the BLAIR WITCH-esque style you know that you are in for a treat. And once the film starts rolling near the end it really gets good. It is really nice to see a filmmaker try new things and have them work. It is a must see for horror fans especially all of you die hard Full Moon addicts. This is easily the best DVD that Full Moon has released to date, and in all honesty rivals some of the better special editions that bigger studios release. This is one of those movies that really needs to be seen to get the full experience. I could sit here and write about how much I enjoyed it but I really don't feel I can do it justice. The movie uses various elements from other films in order to give it's self a feel of its own. Full Moon fans will without a doubt like this movie. It has a fair amount of gore and features some great make up effects. This is one I can recommend that anyone purchase." - DVD Nightmare

"This disc sports an anamorphic widescreen transfer, Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, and a slew of high quality supplements. Not just some scraps tossed on either, these extras are terrific and offer hours of value materials. Full Moon's discs haven't always had the best reputation, but I have a feeling that will soon change if they keep making discs like this one. The film itself is a must see for horror fans, especially those who love the Full Moon approach to cinema. The creatures are well made...the blood, magic, and other special effects all come across well...Bookwalter creates some terrific atmosphere in this film and though the more tense sequences come off the best, even the mundane ones have a nice texture to them. The final sequences have unreal spookiness and atmosphere though, and make the movie worth checking out by themselves. This is an excellent transfer and one which I feel is Full Moon's finest visual work to this point. This is a large step in the right direction for Full Moon, let's hope they continue this level of visual quality...a few of the majors could learn a little from looking at this release." - DVD Authority

"Actually a step up from most Full Moon movies. Director J.R. Bookwalter does a fine job holding things together and manages to keep the movie moving along at a good pace. WITCHOUSE 2 should please most, if not all Full Moon fans and it's a safe bet that this DVD will be a must buy for you. If you're not into Full Moon all that much, I'd still suggest you give this one a rental...it is a bit unique when compared to other Full Moon movies." - Horror DVDs

"Well done! This is Full Moon's best DVD to date. Great picture and sound and a ton of extras! I liked BLOOD COVEN much better then WITCHOUSE...nicely directed by J.R. Bookwalter!" - Digital Terror

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